Beautiful Thurrock

Beautiful Thurrock

My personal mission to portray my home patch,  Thurrock, in a positive way

I live in Thurrock, which in 2012 the Guardian claimed was the cesspit of the nation after coming bottom of the government’s wellbeing survey. I want to focus on the good things about Thurrock, to counteract this negative view. I know there is a lot of good here and I want to showcase that.

This originally stemmed from an Instagram project where I was focusing on the small beauty I saw everyday while I was out with my dog, Buster. But as I thought more about this project I wanted to expand it, to focus on places and on the people too.

Inspired by Humans of New York I want to share the stories of Thurrock, why people live here and what makes them happy.

Ironically I am a deeply cynical person, but I am taking a positive stance for this project and I will not be talking about the many negative points of Thurrock. You may denounce this as taking a Pollyanna view, but at the end of the day you notice what you pay attention to. So if you look for the positive you will see more positive things. That can only be good for our mental health and wellbeing – right?

As well as individual’s stories I will be working as a positive reporter about events here in Thurrock.

You can read more about the rest of my photography work here and see the Beautiful Thurrock photos here.

Want to be featured? 

Get in touch – email jen AT jenfarrant DOT com. If it’s a good thing in Thurrock I’m interested! I am keen to talk to people, as well as attend events and places.