Pop Up Festival

The Pop Up Festival of Stories was this weekend at High House Production Park. I went along for over four hours and I genuinely thought it was fantastic!

There was so much to see and do, I didn’t get to see half of the performances which were going on, but as you wandered around the site you could hear the stories and people reacting to them.

The community had been involved in creating some of the set – from weekend activities where all were welcome to go along and contribute through to local schools creating large scale drawings!

For me, as someone who is starting to take tentative steps into the world of drawing it was great to see so many pieces of art around the place.

I highly enjoyed Usifu Jalloh’s The Cowfoot Prince, he is a story teller from Sierra Leone. It was great fun, with lots of audience participation and he would be singing traditional African songs and then I suddenly thought I recognise this! And it took me a while to figure out he was singing Justin Bieber (I would like to point out that I have a very good musical memory, I don’t actually choose to listen to Bieber, it was on the radio!), then onto ‘my old man’s a dustman’. It was very cleverly done!

I bought some books for my niece and nephew, who I was seeing the next day. I even got Chris Mold  to sign the book he illustrated and draw a little picture on my niece’s book. This was Captain Beastlie’s Pirate Party written by Lucy Coats. She thought appropriately disgusting when I read it to her the next day. There is even a QR code on the inside which means she can listen to the story being read to her – which I am sure her parents will really appreciate!

For my nephew I got Ed Vere’s  Bed time for monsters  and he thought that was great fun too!

I would love to see more of this sort of thing happening in Thurrock, there was so much for the children to do – from colouring in to seeing storytellers to creating their own monster in Chris’ Spooktorium. And for those of us who are big kids and love seeing things like this there was lots to see and do too!

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