Firm boundaries protect you and me!

To make things clear here are my policies for 2017.

My availability

I read emails on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 11am-4pm UK time.

If it is the first time you have contacted me I will reply within a week.


I’m doing my best to reduce email burden in order to make everyone’s lives better. Because let’s face it who opens their work emails and says “Woo hoo – lots of really long emails to deal with!”?

I am currently working to reduce all of my emails to 5 sentences or less. I hope to reduce this further in the future.

It’s about effective communication.

I am a wordy person, this policy helps me focus on what I say.

I encourage Skyping people and seeing them in person, rather than pinging things across the internet! Let’s create a revolution and cut down on email.

Using my material

I am happy if you want to use quotes or parts of the posts I write on your blog, book, magazine or social media or wherever. You don’t need to get in contact with me to ask.

What I do ask is that you don’t edit it (or use ellipses to indicate cut material) and you credit me, Jen Farrant, and link back to this site JenFarrant.com

It would be great if you could let me know when it is posted/published!

Questions & Advice

I’m taking a leaf out of Austin Kleon’s book.

You are welcome to ask me anything that you can’t Google! Unless of course you are a coaching client, in which case you can ask what you want (in confidence).

If you do ask me a question I may use it for a blog post, but I am happy to  keep you anonymous- just let me know.


I love comments on my site, I love engaging in diagloue with people who read my site. However, please write to me and others on my site with kindness.

I will delete and block anyone who is mean.

Micro courses and ebooks

Micro courses and ebooks are non-refundable.

Please take a look at my writing on this blog before you purchase to be familiar with how I write.

Service specific policies



Once the 6 coaching sessions are booked they are non-refundable.

If you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice you will lose that session.

You reschedule a session with more than 24hrs notice online.

Sessions are held fortnightly-ish

It is likely there will be homework. For our time together to be effective you should do it.

We will share information through Evernote and/or Dropbox as appropriate.

Email support between sessions is limited to 2 per week. I recommend you collate all your questions and bullet point them out so they are clear and easy to understand.

See my availability and email policies above.


Other work

If the work we are doing is not covered in the ‘service specific’ section above then we will be working on to a contract, either yours or mine.

The rest of my policies still hold true though!

You can see my rates here

My affiliate policies are here

This policy page was inspired by the wonderful Alexandra Franzen. I highly recommend her post on creating your own policies. Thank you Alexandra! 

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