I love writing poetry, trying to find exactly the right words to convey exactly what I am thinking.

Like a lot of my writing it does tend towards being rather dark, however, like my photography I try to write my tiny poems as an expression of my mindfulness and gratitude practice. Sometimes my photography and poetry feed each other, and I overlay the two to create something new.

My tiny poems have evolved out of a practice develop by Satyavarni and Kaspalita from Writing our Way Home – they call them Small Stones. I highly recommend their courses for developing mindful writing.

I also write longer form poetry too.

These are a selection of my poems, which have been overlaid on my photos.

I would love to discuss writing poems for a particular project or event, or as a poet in residence. Get in touch by emailing jen AT jenfarrant DOT com.

There are some poems shared directly to my blog or you can see poems which have been placed on my photographs. You can click on a single image, which will then enlarge. Then you can scroll from image to image.

You can read about the rest of my creative writing here

Email : Jen AT Jenfarrant DOT com

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