Sharing your story

If you are looking for a visual identity to share your story, products, customers, events or projects then I can help.

I work with you to develop a series of images which explore exactly what it is that you do and help you to stand out in a visually cluttered environment.

My work is a combination of editorial and documentary, really focusing on the story which we will create together.

I can also work with your to develop your narrative with my writing services. 

Projects & events

Sharing outcomes

It can be difficult to capture all of the outcomes of the events and projects, but vital to keep funders and shareholders informed of the importance of your work.

As I work as a consultant in the arts and cultural sector, often writing the reports to ACE and other funders, I understand how photos can make a real difference.

We’ll talk about your wider aims and objectives to make sure that I understand exactly what you were trying to achieve. I then get the photos to share that in an exciting way.

Great images make it much easier to prove the value of your work and to get more funding for projects in the future.

See my Love Grays portfolio for an example of this work.

People & place

Personal practice

My personal creative practice focuses on people and places. I take photos which challenge the existing perceptions and present things in a new way.

Beautiful Thurrock is my ongoing project to present Thurrock in a positive way. These are often shared on Instagram with the #beautifulthurrock

I have my own space as part of the Thurrock Art Trail in July 2017, which will be the culmination of community workshops where I will be exploring what Thurrock means to the community, as well as sharing how to take better photos on smartphones.

Although I have been doing photography for many years it is only recently that I have started to call myself a photographer.

Want to work with me?

I’d love to! Let’s chat by Skype or phone to see how we can work together to share your story.

Please email jen AT jenfarrant DOT com, with some times you are available. I am generally available Tuesday- Thursday for calls.

iPhone & OMD

Most of the photos on this site and Instagram, are shot on my iPhone 6S  however photography posts are a mix of iPhone and Olympus OMD. My OMD means I travel light.

People are less intimated than with a full scale DSLR.  I’m able to get more of the right shots and I blend into my surroundings better!