My photography practice is an act of mindfulness and gratitude.

Most days I’m at home and I go out for walks with my dog in the local area. I am not in fantastic photographic locations, just a rather run down bit of Essex.

But, looking for things to photograph means I am deeply engaged with the world every day. I’m actively looking for beauty, contrast or something different. This is often changes in nature, but also human interaction with the world – graffiti, unusual things dropped, abandoned or just odd juxtapositions.

I live in Thurrock, which the Guardian claimed was the cesspit of the nation. As such I am on a campaign to look for the beauty here, tucked away in the nook and crannies. The hashtag on Instagram is #BeautifulThurrock and it has grown into a whole project  – read more about Beautiful Thurrock.

I am keen to talk to people about photo assignments, get in touch at jen AT jenfarrant DOT com. You may also want to look at my Instagram and my photography posts. 

Most of the photos on this site (and on my Instagram feed), are shot on my iPhone 6S  however photography posts are a mix of iPhone and Olympus OMD.

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