If you are looking for a visual identity to share your story, products, customers, events or projects then I can help. I work with you to develop a series of images which explore exactly what it is that you do and help you to stand out in a visually cluttered environment. My work is a combination of editorial and documentary, really focusing on the story which we will create together.

It maybe you are looking for event photography, to capture the day or to show the outcome of a project to potential customers, funders and shareholders. I’m especially good at capturing people at an event, without them noticing me, as well as images which don’t show faces,

This is where my other skills of working as a consultant and a writer really come into play. Although you are employing me as your photographer I bring all of my skills with me. The business, practical, technical, strategic part of my brain will come into play helping to analyse what you are looking for, and then my creative, visual, storytelling side will get the images to showcase this. As someone used to writing reports for shareholders and funders such as Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund I really understand what you need to share your story.

I interview you to understand what your aims and objectives are, what types of images you are after, what they will be used for etc. I make sure the images deliver on this, providing you with curated sets of images (e.g., top 5, top 20, more), rather than just every photo I take.

This forms part of my brief – something we create together to make sure you are happy with the outcomes of the photography.

If you would like to discuss working with me then email jen AT jenfarrant DOT com and we can arrange a time to do this. I primarily work with those who are passionate about what they do, mainly within the not for profile, arts and cultural sectors, but am open to working with anyone who wants to communicate what they do.

Creative photography practice

I live in Thurrock, which the Guardian claimed was the cesspit of the nation. As such I am on a campaign to look for the beauty here, tucked away in the nook and crannies. The hashtag on Instagram is #BeautifulThurrock and it has grown into a whole project; read more about Beautiful Thurrock.

Most of the photos on this site Instagram, are shot on my iPhone 6S  however photography posts are a mix of iPhone and Olympus OMD. My OMD means I travel light;  people are less intimated than with a full scale DSLR; I’m able to get more of the right shots and I blend into my surroundings better!

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