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I recently ordered some clothes from a company I haven’t used before. I didn’t like anything about the new clothes when they arrived, so I sent them back and didn’t think any more about it.

It looks like they have sold my data to a wide range of clothing, lifestyle and home companies. I find this really annoying, I am always really careful about ticking the sharing your data with third parties box and so I am not at all happy that they have sold my information in this way.

So, now I have on average 5 catalogues showing up in my home each week. I don’t buy much in the way of clothing, lifestyle or things for the home, this are not my priorities in life and I do not like the waste of them appearing all the time. So I keep a Sharpie by the front door, cross out the address and put RETURN TO SENDER in big capital letters across the front and then take them to the postbox when I am next heading that way.

Does having to do this enamour me to the original company, or any of the companies who show up, uninvited, into my home? Of course it doesn’t – I will not buy from any of these companies who are sending me things wtihout me asking them to, nor will I recommend any of them to anyone else.

I appriciate it is difficult to reach new customers, but this is not the way to do it. Although print is a lot cheaper than it used to be postage is incredibly expensive and this has to be a hit and miss way of working.

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