Perfecting your art…or tweet?

I have the immense privilege this week of working with Royal Acdemy of Music students on a project which is making conducting accessible to people with disabilities with James Rose.

Part of my role is updating social media in real time, across James’ accounts on Twitter, instagram and Facebook.

I asked the musicians during a break if they could retweet, like etc. our posts, as well as writing their own posts using the hashtag #jroseconducts.

To my amazement, these millennials don’t use social media. One said she used Facebook to stay in touch with her family and one said she had a Twitter account and never used it.

It struck me that these students spent a lot of time rehearsing – we are together for four hours each day and this project is on top of their normal workloads. Everywhere you go in the Academy there are people practicing, going over the same phrase time and time again, even when I left at 9pm there was still music resounding throughout the building.

Maybe all that time that they could spend on social media they spend perfecting their art instead.

Alexandra Franzen (a favourite business writer) makes her thoughts about social media quite clear here and here and says at the end of her life:

I will calculate all of the minutes that I spent coming up with thousands upon thousands of tweets — thinking about those tweets, typing those tweets, editing those tweets, publishing those tweets, tracking to see who “liked” and “re-tweeted” my tweets, and then re-sharing my witticisms on various other platforms — and I would probably come to the grim conclusion that it was somewhere in the realm of 1.8 million minutes spent on Twitter, alone.

I go through phases of getting highly involved with social media, around the April Love 2016 project for example, and I am currently enjoying Instagram and the various photography and poetry communities I am finding on there.

Howver, I really notice on Sundays how much more relaxed I am and I think a big part of this is I don’t use social media or the internet on a Sunday. I may expand this to Saturdays too.

On the other hand, it seems like if you want to make it these days social media is the only way to do it.

Most of my favourite authors aren’t really on social media -Neil Gaiman is a notable example, but he uses it as and when he wants to.

I guess, as with everything, the middle path is the way ahead. I can use Instagram and not get obsessed with it, in fact, after this project I might well take all social media off phone again.

What about you? What is your relationship with social media?


  1. I never use Facebook, Twitter, not Instagram, because I do not find them safe to use. I would never think of posting photos of myself in the Internet, because it can be very dangerous. I use google and linkedin, because I have heard that they were safe fine to use.

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