Happy new year!

Last year I chose the word ‘contentment’ as my focus for the year, and although I think it was a good word for me I didn’t do any analysis on it beyond thinking of it at the start of the year. So, the process was rather a redundant one.

This year it is different. I have core feelings I want to achieve and I know how Luminous will be a way of assessing if I am working towards that. I have key things I want to reach and a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, taken from Jim Collin’s Good to Great that I studied on my MA), tomorrow I will explain BHAG.

What does luminous mean for me?


It is a soft gentle, constant light emanating from within; not a blazing light which dazzles and is unsustainable.

I want to feel creative, well, devoted to the divine and peaceful.

When I take actions towards those feelings I live a luminous life. The word itself is also quite soft and forgiving, which is something I need. I will not get fully healthy again (back to the levels of running marathons etc), so measuring myself against feeling ‘healthy’ is a bad idea, but I can be having a really bad pain and fatigue day and still be luminous. How? By accepting how I am that day; doing things which make me feel better and not fighting it so much which takes a lot of energy.

Trying to live up to luminous will affect all aspects of my life, but to avoid overly complicating things I am going to rate myself against luminous each day on a scale of 0-10.

I know what I need to do to be luminous – some of the actions are:

  • food – eating gluten and dairy free, avoiding large amounts of sugar, green smoothie, regular meals at sensible times, avoiding junk food
  • exercise – yoga or swimming & walking every day, otherwise I very quickly lose my muscle tone and have to use my wheelchair a lot more, not to mention suffer more with pain and fatigue
  • walking in nature
  • creating – writing, photography, playing music, drawing/painting
  • listening to music
  • reading
  • being off of my computer
  • not working too much
  • stress free
  • solitude
  • seeing friends
  • quality time with my husband


But measuring all that on a daily basis would be painful, so I will measure how luminous I feel each day.

I will reflect monthly too as a way of staying on track.

Have you tried having a word of the year before? What about this year?

These photos were taken this morning at Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury in Thurrock. I was awake before dawn and so the light was amazing, but there wasn’t a sunrise which would have been rather symbolic!

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  1. I love how you choose a word to be your companion during time passing. I have always thought that a great idea, something on which to focus and which does not take an audacious amount of time whilst giving me that one notion of how and where I would like my life to move.

    Perhaps I am inspired to do so this year. I already have a list of things that I no longer want in my life and am concentrating on that mess, but it would be nice to have that kind of gentle, oh I guess maybe supportive, word to hold me accountable to truly moving towards the life I want and not simply leaving the dross behind.


  2. Do give it a go, I am really focused on making this the centre of my life this year!

    There is something about focusing on the positive, rather than what needs to change. It makes a bit mental difference I think

  3. thank you! Yes you do have to find your word, I spend time reflecting on what I want to achieve this year -mainly in terms of feelings. Look at Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map for help!

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