I hate not finishing books, it feels like a form of quitting some how.

And yet, I am beginning to let go of that idea. I have far too many books that I want to read that I just haven’t got around to yet.

There is no space in my life for books I am not enjoying.

I currently have 31 sat in my Kindle virtual to-be-read pile, ten in my physical to-be-read pile, including some from the library.

My Kindle wishlist is at 200, plus I have an ever growing list on my recommended reads note in Evernote, where I jot down suggestions from across the internet. And that doesn’t even include where I have clipped entire articles on ‘top 10/100 xxx type of books to read’.

When I find new authors that I like I write their names down on a new note so I can keep track of those and ideally I would love to read all of their back cataglouge!

On finishing a good non-fiction book I look in the bibliography to see what had fed their thoughts. Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic encourages us to follow our curiosity and this is an excellent way to do so.

Unfortunately I can’t keep up with all the things in the world I am curious about.

I could stop doing anything at all and just read. This is sometimes quite tempting!

I love using Audible and downloading a lot of audiobooks, so that the time I spend walking or in the car may be used to listen to books.

I just need to let go of the guilt of not finishing a book!

Wondering about the changes here? I’m in a state of flux! 

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