My first tri

On Sunday it was my first ever triathlon and it went so well! I had  such a wonderful time.

It was Human Race Shockabsorber Women only triathlon and I could not fault the organisation, so slick and well put together, as well as exceptionally friendly and encouraging marshalls and competitors.

It was at the rather beautiful Dorney Lake and it was overcast, but the rain held off (for me at any rate) until after I had finished my sandwich and pint at the wonderful Pineapple pub, which is as great as it was over 7 years ago, and it is not often you can say that!

It was relatively cold and the water was 18 degrees. G very kindly decided it was not good enough for me to swim without a wetsuit and so we had a mooch around and the people atTriUK were wonderful and I got a Foor classic wetsuit at a bargainous show price too. Do you know what was nice – they obviously knew what they were talking about, did not try to sell me an advanced level suit when I stated that we wanted something entry level and the lovely man helped me put it on, giving me tips at every stage, even letting me clutch onto him while he was pulling it on. The first one was the right size! It is so lovely to have people know what they are talking about, it makes such a difference. So G wonderfully bought it for me for my birthday (along with another exciting fitness gift which I will tell  you about when I am officially allowed to open it today!).

Setting up in transition was fine, I went on an East Essex intro to triathlon last year and I remembered all that they said about laying stuff out in the right order. But I have to say nerves were rather getting the better of me, but everyone around was so lovely. And G and I sat and had a cup of tea before hand. Cups of tea are very important. I don’t drink caffeine, so I always carry a herbal tea bag!

Waiting for the swim to start was nerve-racking, but this is where this event showed me it was the right place for me to do my first tri. Loads of people hadn’t done one before and so we were all talking to each other and encouraging. It made such a difference, and I really think it being women only made it a lovely and supportive environment.

I got into the water and boy! was it cold! However, the wetsuit made such a difference to my buoyancy – I could actually sit in the water, almost like I was on a chair. So much fun. Before long we were off!

off we go!

I was really surprised how easy I found the swim, well apart from people being all around me, I think I would have gone  much faster if it were not for the fact that we were in a pack. I would not like to say how this would have gone if I didn’t have the wetsuit though!

coming back in

I got into transition fairly quickly and ran right past my bike! Doh!! Beginner’s error! I realised and went back again. My laying things out in order worked well and I struggled out of the wetsuit and onto the bike. I made it out of transition without issue and onto the ride.  I was so slow, but this was to be expected so I just kept on going. Lots of people were whizzing past me, on some very, very pretty bikes. One lady was all in coordinating clothes matching her bike. Another lady  has seriously beautiful tattoos all down her arm, I got a good look as I over took her and then she over took me later on! Someone even gave me a hearty ‘” Yea, East Essex!!” as they flew past me.

The run was fine, but I honestly felt like both of my calves were going to cramp up at any given moment, they felt so tight and painful, but they didn’t and I just kept on going along.

and the run starts

I got to run past G on the way out and the way back – don’t you just love my trisuit? What you don’t see is that it has East Essex Tri written on a yellow strip across my bum! It was really nice to hear G calling my name during the race, that never normally happens.

coming up to the finish line!

Gosh my shoulders are high – no wonder I am tense all the time!

at the end of the race

Wrapped up, wearing my comfy crocs and clutching my wetsuit!

My total time was 43.38 and I am very pleased with that. What I am even more pleased with is my breakdowns:

There were 156 competitors and I came 112th overall. I came 34th in the swim, 145th in the bike and 88th in the run. I am very pleased with the swim especially. It really does show that my bike seriously let me down and I need to work on that for next year.

I was very happy with this race, the organisation was great, there was no medal – BOOOO, what is that about?? But there is an excellent fitted t-shirt in my size and purple too, which is by far my most favourite colour! Everyone was lovely and G was amazing as my support.

The next day I had a cold, which I am not surprised about, I spent Friday on the sofa as I was feeling rubbish and I wanted to be well for Sunday. So I spent yesterday on the sofa as well. I didn’t ache at all, but my calves are so tight that they hurt constantly and it really hurts to stand up. As such no running, biking or swimming for me until they ease off a bit!

But, why have I said next year for my next tri? Well, I promised G that I would only do this as a one-off birthday treat as I have other things to concentrate on. Mainly finishing my MA in Arts Administration & Cultural Policy at Goldsmiths, setting up my business, training for my first half marathon in October and then a full marathon in April. Due to my hypermobility G is worried about injury and also overloading myself with stuff to do, which then stresses me out. So, I will be going to EET training sessions for cross training purposes, but with the main focus on my running.

But, oh I did love it so!

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