Music has been a vital part of getting well, being from someone who was either working or being flat out on the sofa in exhaustion. It gave me back an identity.

I play the flute in a concert band, have taught myself the ukulele and I’m just starting out on the piano so that I can work on composing my own pieces, not least because I have music echoing around my brain all the time! I spend a lot of my money on music, either in terms of lessons, buying music and concerts.

In January 2015 I joined Harmonie Concert Band as at grade three. I’ve worked really hard with my amazing teacher, Paul Rose, to get up to working on my grade six as I write this (Jan 17), including having to study all of the music theory required to pass grade five music theory.

I adore music, although being a complete beginner again at the piano is painful. At least this time I can read music, although I am now having to become fluent in the bass stave, at the moment I have to figure out each note.

I blog about music here.

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