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I play in a concert band and spend a lot of time practicing my flute to get better.

I love it and it has cultivated an atmosphere of growth for me and that makes me feel good.

But there is something else. It helps me with my work, all of it.

Amazing huh? But why?

I think it is because it is a co-operative effort. The flute part for many pieces sounds utterly pointless on its own, but put it with the rest of the band and we are playing in harmony – oh! Amazing.

It is also thinking creatively in an alternative way to writing and the consultancy work that I do.

The more you think creatively the more you think creatively.

Which is a good thing.

There is also the point that while I am playing I can’t think about anything else, it takes up too many brain processes, so the focus is refreshing and relaxing. It is a form of meditation in it’s own right.

I think there is also something about doing creative things just for the sake of it, no-one is going to pay me to play the flute. That is not why I am playing, it is for pure pleasure and the enjoyment of others too.

There is something amazing about that.

Have I convinced you as an adult to take up playing an instrument yet? Ukuleles and guitars are known for being self-taught (and there is so much help on the internet), or you can find a teacher. My flute teacher has a lot of adult students at all stages of experience.

The other alternative is to find a community brass band, they will often loan you the instrument and teach you for silly cheap money. Here’s the Thurrock one.

I may have convinced someone I know to start playing through my blogging, I really hope I can encourage more!

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