Morning routine

Being self employed it is important to have a routine of sorts, well it certainly is for me. Mine has changed and evolved  over time, but I am pretty happy with where it is right now.

I guess it is important to start talking about my morning routine by mentioning my evening routine.

At the end of each work day I write my MITs and other to-dos for the next day, normally this is in my bullet journal  weekly overview, so it is all contained. If it is a day with lots of THINGs that need doing, either one project with lots of steps, or lots of errands I write that on a whole page. If I am feeling overwhelmed with what needs to be done I break it down into tiny steps, even including eating breakfast and lunch if it is a particularly busy day, as I can forget to eat and then the day rapidly gets from busy to bad!

Each evening I clear down my desk, fill up my waterbottles and lay out my clothes, my soulbook and pens, and generally make it so that when I get into the office I can just get on with things.

I use an actual travel alarm clock (as opposed to my phone) and I put it in my office so I have to get up and can’t just roll over and turn it off. I do bathroom things, then I come into the office and roll out my yoga mat. When I wake up due to my EDS-HT I can be very stiff and sore and spending 20 minutes doing stretching/yoga/pilates/physio means that I wake up properly and gently get my body moving again. It is also one of the key things which helps me stay well as it helps maintain muscle tone and fitness – really important to looking after my body.

I then do 20 minutes of meditation and prayer before moving onto writing in my soulbook for a period of time. I then switch on my laptop and get writing for an hour. To ensure it is an hour, I use my timer and get on with it. After that I make some tea and then get on with other work.

Sometimes my writing is for my blog, sometimes it is a piece of work for a client and sometimes it is for my own writing project. I decide what it is going to be at the end of the work day before.

Obviously I get up early to do this and over time I have realised that no amount of lie in can make up for how good I feel at 10am when I have done all of that and done some serious work for clients too.

This routine is all about creating the right space for me to work, getting up before my husband is awake and actually for the most part the area is nice and quiet, apart from the frieght trains passing at the bottom of the garden and occasionally the booms and crashes from the docks.

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  1. Your quiet morning routine sounds delightful. Similar to how mine used to be, until about 8 years ago when a big change in my health condition and our home situation bounced me off the rails of routine.

    I’ve tried to get back on once or twice since then, but for various reasons it hasn’t happened. Mostly, now, because our home circumstances changed again when one of our daughters left her husband a year ago and she and her two wonderful children moved back in here with us. So, toddlers in the house again. Routine? It’s all about them.

    I’m not complaining. We do what needs doing. Of course we do, and with love.

    But having read about your quiet morning routine today I have a hankering to rebuild mine. Somehow.

    Thank you for giving me the nudge I needed.

  2. I’m glad I could help, but cut yourself some slack if you have toddlers in the house. I can’t let my dog upstairs until my morning routine is completed, but I can leave him shut downstairs. I don’t have kids, but I’m fairly sure toddlers don’t work like that!

    Good luck!

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