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I’m really proud and excited to be involved as the project evaluator for the James Rose conducting development week at the Royal Academy of Music.

This project is focusing on ways of making conducting accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or disability.

As you know, I suffer from an often invisible disability which does impact on my playing, so I am delighted to be involved in this project.

I will be in a room for five days next week working with James, the Head of Conducting from Royal Academy of Music and four musicians each day. From a very personal level I am excited as to how this will improve my own practice!

James’ outcome for this project will be focusing on:

·      Detailed collaborative analysis of relationship between players ‘reading’ intentions & movements

·      Developing gestures & approaches for conducting

·      To share learning with a wider audience

·      Documenting rehearsal process

·      Network as a ‘recognised fellow musician’

·      Scope out potential future activities

·      Promote diversity & inclusion

·      Number of participants involved

I will be responsible for tracking each of these objectives and measuring them. Obviously this isn’t a straight forward tick box assessment, there has been a lot of time creatively thinking up ways to measure this and I will be live tweeting for James next week and I will be covering this on my Instagram too.

If you would like to observe the rehearsal week, or the final performance you are more than welcome to, please email me on jen AT jenfarrant DOT com and I will arrange this.

You can read James’ blog about this project on Disability Arts Online. 



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