Looking for the positive

While I don’t believe that positive thinking can cure everything (if you are ill it is NOT because you think ‘bad’) I do believe that you can scare good things away.

Well, maybe not literally, but if you are always focusing on the negative that is all that you see.

You can learn to look for the positive.

I have not been wearing rose-tinted spectacles through my life.

You could say I have had ridiculously big, thick mirrored sunglasses, with the wrong lenses in them, so everything has been warped out of shape, dimmed out of my sight and the mirrors have been reflecting things away.

Those have now been thrown away.

I now look for things to be positive about through my day. For example I often catch myself judging people based on their looks.

‘Prentious hipster’

‘wanker banker’.

This isn’t nice.

I think in a way it casuses a little tarnish on my day. When I do catch myself doing this I wish them positive things, I try to recognise they are doing their best to get through the day, that, like me, their wish is just to be happy and well.

I think everyone just wants to be happy and well and if we can remember that so much the better.

I look for things to be positive about – practicing mindfulness.

Complicated scaffolding at the Tate Modern

As I write this I am sat in a cafe in London. There is building site next door. I could just moan about the noise, but I have taken time to look. The scaffolding is incredibly complex and forms an amazing pattern. I can’t imagine how long it took them to put up around the building’s strange angles. I can appriciate the beauty in the metal structure. Later on I discovered this is the Tate Modern so very apt that even the scaffolding is a work of art!

There was a lady walking past with a lovely dog, who was so laid back. It made smile and imagien how crazy my dog would be going in London with all of the amazing scents to follow. I would be dragged down the street in his sheer excitement at it all.

Two tiny things, that I could have easily missed. Easily. But they have bought a small amount of pleasure into my day. I could have just been endlessly scrolling through Facebook, but as I write I look around (the joys of being able to touch type) and I have trianed myself to look for the positive.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool, and actually doesn’t have to be tied into a meditation practice.

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