Local people at the Orsett show

Last weekend I went to the Orsett show, it was a last minute decision for me and my dog to have a wonder around.

I was really surprised when I got there to see lots of the people who I have been working with over the past year.

The Royal Opera House, Thurrock had a tent with activities for people to join in with –  mask making and costumes.

The Tilbury Riverside Project were there – with artefacts from across the years, and they were all dressed up too! Including Annie O’Brien and Debbie Quick.

Orsett show tea ladies
All ready for a cuppa! Image from Annie at the Tilbury Riverside Project with thanks

There was also the Thameside Theatre.

Natalie and Ben from the Thurrock International Film Festival were there

Natalie from the TIFF, image from TIFF and used with permission and thanks

It’s strange, but when I rushed out of the house with Buster the dog, it never occurred to met that I would bump into so many people I knew. But, of course, this is the benefit of working and living in a small community. Thurrock is not known for its culture – in fact it is an area of cultural deprivation, which is why many of us are working here.

There were also all of the things that one would expect from a show, but for me I was delighted to see such a strong cultural presence at the event.

I’m looking forward to working with all of these people as we get going in the new academic year.


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