Link Round Up

I thought I would start sharing what I am reading/listening to at the moment. This is likely to become a monthly or so feature!

Online articles

Interesting article about how sleep works and why as we have become more dependent on artificial light it has changed how we sleep and how that affects our creativitiy.

How language is evolving because of social media h/t militant baker 

I’v read this article before, but heard it again on This American Life podcast this month, really interesting to hear how one person’s coping mechanism for thier mental health issues has triggered a major hipster trend!

A really powerful piece about how Susannah Conway has learnt to live in her  body


New podcast from Gretchen Rubin. I like this, it is only 20 minutes long, quite light and it focuses on her work on happiness and habits


The Miniaturist, Jesse Barton – really intriguing and it kept me going throughout a quite thick novel. I was disappointed when it ended and I look forward to more of her work

Elizabeth is missing, Emma Healey – thought provoking book about dementia and managed to be moving without being overly sentimental. Again, looking forward to reading more, especially as this is debut novel

Mort, Terry Pratchett, in light of Sir Terry’s death I thought it was only fitting that I re-read this


Lady Gaga, The Fame Monster -I decided a lot of my music was depressing and wanted some pure pop and I sure got it here

Odesza– Summer’s Gone I heard about them as they were features in this beautifully shot video about historically accurate Disney princesses and I loved the music, so I got the album, love it. h/t Rachel 

Radiohead – The Bends. I was shocked to see that this album is 20 years old this month. So I have been listening a lot rather nostalgically

London Grammar – If you wait I still absolutely love this album and listen to it at least once a week


So – do you have any other suggestions for me?

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