Kickstarting the year

Well, a bit late, but I thought I would share this slideshow from Kickstarter.

I found it highly inspiring.

I have sponsored quite a few Kickstarter projects, mainly gaming, and my husband has done even more and we love getting the updates from the projects we have sponsored. Gavin gets real things in the post from ones that he sponsors and that is really exciting.

The whole idea of Kickstarter is exciting – we get to help those people make the things we would like to see. It cuts out the middle man of publishers or funders.

Every project I run I wonder if I can use Kickstarter, or an equivalent. I haven’t done so far, but I hope to in the future. For the arts especially this is a great way of funding, although the UK’s outlook on these things are different to the USA’s. But I do think we will see more projects working in this way in 2014.



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