Kaboom! Science!

Last week and the beginning of this week I was involved in organising a science fair for four of the local schools. Science is a little outside of my comfort zone (although something I enjoy finding out about), but the principles of project and event management hold true across all sectors!

One great aspect of this project was I engaged a scientist to come and do a keynote at the start of the fair to excite the young people. It was really exciting, with her hitting her hand with a hammer, setting a teacher on fire, blowing things across the stage with a home-made cannon and exploding balls with dry ice. All really engaging for years 5-8!

Setting teachers on fire, is always something children like!
Setting teachers on fire, is always something children like!


She is Fran Scott, and she is often on CBBC, with Dick and Dom, as well as being responsible for all of the science behind Blast Lab and other such programmes.


It was great to be able to employ someone who I wouldn’t normally work with and chatting with her as she set everything up was really interesting. She is obviously passionate about science and I have to admit to being envious of the writing and research aspect of her work, this is something I would like to do more of.

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