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I really believe that if you do not have a website in this day and age you pretty much don’t exist.

Yes, I know that can be seen as terribly lazy, but that’s the way it is.

For freelancers, artists and other self employed or those with a small business; setting up a website can be scary and terrifying. It can become this massive project where you think about doing it and then run away because it is just so huge.

Oh and then there are those companies who build your site for you and then charge you to make every single change. That’s unacceptable in this day and age.

It really isn’t that hard you know, there are tools which make it as easy as using Word. But I also understand that it can take up a huge amount of mental space, brain power which could be well spent else where!

Let’s look at an artist. I found an artist whose work I really liked, they were in an exhibition in a gallery that I found on Facebook. I had the artist’s name, I had the gallery name. I looked at the gallery site, nope, no mention of a website. I googled her name with my Google-Fu sills: nothing. I wanted to buy a piece of her work, but she had made it so damn hard for me that I just didn’t.

Her loss.

But is that happening to you?

If you want a site, buy a decent domain name (that’s the address of your site), if you are a freelancer/artist using your name is advisable and some hosting (that’s where your site lives on the internet) from a provider   – I recommend CA Hosts– and ask them to install WordPress for you.

There’s lots of guides out there to setting up a WordPress site.

You can do it.

But if it is just too much of a brain ache?

Well that’s where my Website in a Box comes in. I will build you a simple 5 page website – you can choose how it looks, give me pictures etc and then, this is the important part I will teach you how to manage it yourself.  

Yep, I will guide you through adding new pages, blogging, putting links to Facebook, Twitter etc. Putting in your logo and everything else. This is done by a Skype screen sharing call.

Then I leave you alone for a couple of weeks to have a play and then we will have another session where I will answer all your questions, which you are bound to have after a time of playing with the site.

If you want I can even write the website text for you too!

Interested? Work with me! 

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  1. Having a small web site is something I recommend to my employment clients, even if it only features your resume.

    From personal experience as an artist, I can share that having a web site, even one that is properly protected from theft of intellectual property. I have had 3D work show up as prints for sale by someone with no connection to me. Same thing for articles. It takes constant and careful work to track down all of the sites who take other’s content for their own profit.

  2. Sorry about the poor sentence structure. I got lost in the narrative.

    The first sentence should end with something about how nearly impossible it is to protect one’s work on-line.

  3. It is difficult with IP theft.

    I was devastated the first time I had one of my articles stolen.

    I don’t think there is an easy answer, aside from watermaking digital images.

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