Inov-8 update


So, I didn’t win the grand prize with the Inov-8  8 weeks to natural programme, however I have got so much out of it I really do feel like I have won! We also all got given another pair of Inov-8s and I chose the Bare Grip – 0mm drop, but some serious grip. Just in time for me to start training with East Essex Tri for the cross country season.

Woo, going to see me coming!

They are so comfy, I completely forget about them and I am not slipping at all, so perfect as far as I am concerned. They weren’t quite this colour by the time I had finished! I have learnt so much, each time I run 3 miles I take another 30 secs off of my time at the moment, which is great. I will soon be breaking 30 mins, which will make me happy.

I have decided that I am going to start training with EET, and stop worrying about being slow. I will get faster by pushing myself against other people and that, combined with my new running style will soon get me flying along I am sure.

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