Inov-8 athlete

Wow, of all the things to happen! I have been chosen to become an Inov-8 athlete on their 8 weeks to natural programme. I am so excited by this, and it all kicked off on Saturday. Natural being barefoot running.

I have done a rather long video about it on the Inov-8 blog, which I don’t think is live just yet – it should be tomorrow, so I will share that with you then.

On the assessment on Saturday it was all rather intimidating, everyone else was a proper athlete, including two Ironmen, a couple of fitness coaches and everyone else had done a good marathon time. There was one other person who hadn’t run much. I was somewhat scared. I needn’t have been, everyone was so lovely, it was great!

We had a one to one session with Helen who is our coach and she diagnosed me with Morton’s toe and exceedingly tight calves, I now have to massage them at least three times a day. She has prescribed the right shoes for us to transition into, which will help us on our barefoot journey.

I am not allowed to go properly barefoot as yet as my calves are too tight, so I will have to see what shoes they send me.

We have lots of homework to do, to start the transition process, not least of which is The Drill, which quite frankly is silly! But the aim is to get you working your muscles properly. I think I will practice that down by river on the bit where no-one goes as it is a pain to get over the steps! I expect there will be video available of that very soon!

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