Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome! I’m Jen Farrant.

I’m a writer, consultant and photographer.  I help you develop and share the story of who you are and what you do: strategically,  visually, and in words. I primarily work in the arts and cultural sector, but love working with anyone who has a mission which is important to them.

You can find out more about me here or read my blog. Take a look around the site and if you would like to chat about working with me please get in touch – jen AT jenfarrant DOT com

I’m very active on Instagram – my most recent images are below, come and join me there. I’m quite often out and about with my wonderful, crazy Springer Spaniel, Buster and this is where many of my photos stem from. I am on a mission to highlight the good points of the area where I live, and so I have a positive journalism project called Beautiful Thurrock.

I adore music – I play the flute in my local concert band (where I’m the marketing person). I’m an adult learner and in two years I have gained two music grades, plus grade five theory. I’m currently working on grade six flute and grade one piano. In addition I love my ukulele. I think they should be available on prescription, they are such happy little instruments and make a lovely sound. They are easy to learn and play full songs quite quickly, but like everything worth doing they require time and energy to play them really well.

My logo is the representation of my initials in braille, a creative communication solution to an issue. Purple is my favourite colour, so much so that my wedding dress was purple, so it makes sense that my business carries that colour too. I like to keep things simple, so I dress in shades of blue and grey with the occasional pop of purple.

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