There has been a big gap in blog posts because I had most of August off as a holiday. I had two whole weeks without turning my computer on and then a week doing a couple of hours work a day to ensure my clients’ needs were met.

Two weeks without turning on a computer is a big deal these days, but before I went I ensured my clients knew I would be away, and I used out of office on email and other contact details on my phone in case people didn’t know I was away.

I think it is very ¬†important to have proper ‘down’ time – without being online all the time. Time away from every thing and the constant pressures of the internet and relentless media we are exposed to.

I feel that after my holiday I came back to work fully refreshed and ready to go, my mind had defragged and was clear to focus on new challenges. I don’t think this would have been the same if I had been checking emails and my voice mail.

This extends out to the working week as well. I don’t turn on my emails or phone until I have crossed off a major task, I don’t work at the weekend (unless I am doing an event or simillar) and my work phone and email are off. This is especially important as I work from home and it is very easy for my working day not to have a proper end, unless I create one. Normally this is signalled by turning off my laptop.

It is important to have down time in order to be more effective in the up time, to be constantly ‘on’ is not good for our bodies, souls or working life.

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