I posted twice in May, which is well below my average. Why was that?

It’s not like I haven’t been writing. In fact in my WIP notebook in Evernote for this blog I have 9 notes and another five for my other blog.

I think it’s hesitancy. I seem to have let perfection get the better of me. I nearly always let my posts sit a while before I share them, it allows space to assess it, proof it etc. That’s just good practice. Sometimes there are posts that quite frankly deserve to never see the light of day, in which case I move them to the ‘not used’ notebook in Evernote.

These don’t deserve that fate, I like the articles each time I read them, I’ve corrected every little thing that I can find.

So, I’m not letting this post suffer the same outcome, I’m scheduling it today, for Monday, with only a couple of hours to sit and I can check for errors.

Then next week, and every week until I have cleared the backlog, it is two posts a week. I firmly believe that if I don’t use my ideas then more won’t come in. So I need to honour my ideas and use them.

Hesitancy be damned.

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  1. Jen, do not worry about it! It is fine. Writing is not always easy. It takes me a long too what I want to write in my essays. I tend to be hesitant too, what I want to say in a piece of paper.

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