Having fun!

The other day I was observing an Arts Award workshop which was organised by Metal for a ROH Bridge pilot project around Explore and Artsbox. It was being delivered by Claire Softley, a local artist.

She started to work with the children by explaining her work and how she makes things, and referring to other artists who work in a simillar way to her. She then showed the children how she creates her own paper for collage work. I started to take part in the workshop too! It was such a pleasure to be able to do this – taking wax rubbings, using stamps and materials to print from, getting inky hands and generally having fun. The children didn’t even bat an eyelid that I was joining in!

2014-06-11 10.21.11

I wonder if I would have been able to do this with such abandon before I had undertaken SBS? I suspect not!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the whole workshop, so I don’t have my final piece to show you, and I have to say I was disappointed to have to leave! I am already in contact with Claire and I am going to see if I can spend some time with her in her studio having a workshop, it would be really useful for me to have her show me all of the different techniques with different materials that I may not have thought of. I love learning, especially around creative things!

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