Guide for freelancers

I am so proud, I have finally published my guide for freelancers!

It’s a no-nonsense guide to getting going as a freelancer. It is based on the mini-series of blog posts – Tools of the Trade that  I started on here almost exactly two years ago – I just looked, I can’t believe the timing of that!

There are lots of hints and tips on tools, virtual and analogue, to use, but also how to actually get things done, stay focused and manage your workload.

I also look at the mindset of being a freelancer, how to survive the peaks and the troughs and how to avoid burn out.

It was ready a while ago, but fear stopped me from getting it done and published, although I did have to figure out how to set up an online shop that took into account the new EU VAT regulations, but really, it was fear that stopped me more than anything.

I am really pleased I pushed through this fear and now I hope I can use the positive energy from actually getting this published to get on and work on the huge stack of ideas I have for other projects and works in progress!

You can buy it now in my shop, in all electronic formats. 


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