Great London Swim

this weekend was the great London Swim, and I highly enjoyed it, I think the organisation was fantastic and I couldn’t fault it at all!

I was really nervous, I haven’t raced much this year due to illness and other things and my husband couldn’t be with me, as he was poorly (although he did make the trip into East London to pick me up as he was worried about me being too exhausted to get home!). So I didn’t have anyone to talk to to dissipate my nerves, although I did ask a random lady to zip up my wet suit and ended up chatting to her and her husband for a while.

Everyone was really friendly and I was impressed at the way they held us back getting into the water, so there wasn’t a scrum – a really nice touch, especially as this was billed as an event suitable for all.

I was so proud of my time – I had told Gavin I was expecting to do it in an hour and I ended up doing it in 39 min and 38 seconds, not bad for a mile! That is quicker than I can do it in the pool, so I was very happy. It helped that it was so warm in the water, it was a really pleasant temperature. It is also in the third quater of results – so much better than my running results, when I am at the back of the pack!

I came home, tired and happy, especially with the goody bag, which was full of useful things, not just rubbish. I even got a medal, which always makes me happy

great london swim


and a tshirt too – excellent!

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  1. I highly recommend it – the organisation was fabulous. I was signed up for the great east swim as well, but they had to cancel due to the weather

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