Going gluten and dairy free

Don’t worry this blog is not going to turn into a foodie blog, not least because I really don’t care about food that much, I hate cooking and quite frankly would rather take a pill than bother with eating. The idea of styling food to take photos of it is too dull for me to contemplate.

But! I really want to share this, in case it can make a difference to someone else.

My doctor told me to go gluten and dairy free in January and I gave myself a week to get prepared and eat up all the food in the house, since then, I haven’t eaten gluten or dairy.

The difference is amazing. My daily pain – which was very significant – has gone. This was the bone aching pain of being like I had been run over by a bus several times the day before. I still hurt when I injure myself (which is quite a lot), but the relentless pain has shifted.

The fog of fatigue has also lifted – this is where I felt like I had flu all day, everyday has gone. I still have to be careful with my energy expenditure, I can’t rush around like I used to and I have to pace myself still, but that deep, relentless, hideous exhaustion has gone.

The difference in my life is amazing. It is horrible feeling like you have flu all the time. Being in constant pain is exhausting in itself.

I  had a bout of flu in about March and it reminded me how I used to feel and how much better I am now.

Yes, eating this way is a bit of pain, I can’t just grab a sandwich when I am out and about, but the payoff is immense. I am also an all or nothing person, I find it relatively easy to say I’m not going to do x, but much harder to do x in moderation. Open packets of biscuits stood no chance once I have had a taste. But I can not eat the biscuits in the first place.

I think there are more things I can do with my diet to make it even better, but now with eight solid months of this way of eating under my belt (ha ha), I can start to experiment further.

There are a lot of studies around inflammatory diet and the effect this is having on our bodies. If you want to investigate this way of eating check out Deliciously Ella – she has the same condition as I do, but she had the added complication of POTS and she had essentially eaten her way back to health.

OK in the interests of being totally honest  – one pizza one time, along with chicken nibbles and garlic bread but I’d had two car accidents in the space of a fortnight and I was feeling very sorry for myself.  I really enjoyed it. But massively regretted it for the next couple of days. Never again!

Everyone is unique, and responds differently to different things. I do not think that this is cure for EDS, it is genetic, until the clever scientists manage to even isolate the faulty gene the real research can’t even begin, however this has made a phenomenal difference to my life.

You might like to consider talking to your doctor if you are suffering from pain and fatigue to see if could make an improvement in your life.

If you have a chronic illness and want someone to talk to about getting a life back again, I offer coaching.

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  1. Jen, being a vegetarian in which one does not eat meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, and desserts, but just vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds and does one’s own juicing might be a healthy way of living, but I do not believe that it would treat and cure chronic illnesses.

  2. Good for you in sticking to your gluten free/dairy free diet. I haven’t gone completely anything free, but I can definitely tell a difference in my body and how it behaves depending on what I eat, so I know, to a small degree, what this is like. I’m glad you and your doctor were able to figure out what needed to go from your life and solve a lot of your pain issues. 🙂

  3. I’ve tried going vegetarian, but it just doesn’t suit my body, no matter how much good things I eat, like nuts, chia seeds and everything else. I just don’t’ seem able to get enough protein.

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