Girlfigs take over!

Girlguiding is always looking for ways to grow its membership – both of girls and young women and adult leaders too. There are areas with huge waiting lists because they are not able to get the adults to lead groups. If you are thinking about it then please do look into it, I can tell you it is hugely rewarding and you can just help at the meetings on a casual basis, you can help with admin or you can train up to be an archery or canoeing leader if that’s where your interest takes you. I get a great deal of pleasure out of  being involved with the Guides and I am proud to be a member.

It recently did a marketing campaign in association with minifigs – you can see the Storify here.


Girlfigs from Girlguiding
Girlfigs from Girlguiding

Essentially the Girlguiding headquarters was overtaken by Lego minifigs, which you can now get in Rainbow, Brownie, Guides, Senior Section and Leader versions. I really hope to get the leader version with my name on the back preferably with short spiky hair. (hint hint – its my birthday soon),

I was really impressed and the ingenuity behind this campaign and the creative thinking which went alongside it. I think it was a fantastic example of how to engage social media to get your message across. The Third Sector report  said that there were over 1,600 online mentions and that the Facebook posts reached 75,000 people.

It also said:

This campaign embraces the spirit of fun and mischief among the charity’s young members, and seemed to appeal to both younger and older people. It provided a boost in social media engament and managed to both announce a new partnership and promote the charity’s forthcoming campaigns without being too overt and preventing people from sharing the posts. The permanent record of the day on Storify means the campaign will continue to reach people long after April Fools Day.

Oh yes, it was an April Fools Day joke, but  I honestly hadn’t realised until I wrote this article!

Girlfigs from Girlguiding
Girlfigs from Girlguiding

I think it was an excellent way of engaging social media in a fun way – reaching out to members (my Rangers group are all on Twitter) as well as potential new members, both adult and young people. It does have a campaigning aspect to its work – see my post about the Care vs Control report and I think that anything which can enhance its reach and potential engagement with girls and young women is a very good thing.

You can find out about Girlguiding here


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