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I love swimming, and since I have damaged my knee and told I can’t run any more it has become my main fitness focus.

As a child I spent a lot of time swimming and did all of my swimming certificates, I had problems with my ears and then stopped over time. Same as many kids and sports I think.

As an adult I have swum on and off, but really got into it again a couple of years ago. Last year I did the Swimathon 2.5K and did it in just over an hour, this year I had planned to do 5K, but I had to pull out when I didn’t train much because of my knee. I also did a couple of outdoor swims last year and I am looking forward to doing so again this year.

Me last year after my Great London Swim
Me last year after my Great London Swim

I am also a good swimmer, running has always been a real effort and slog for me and I only ever kept going through sheer stubbornness. Swimming on the other hand, well I feel natural in the water, it doesn’t hurt my body, unlike running which always hurt me in some way – maybe I should have listened before I injured myself quite so permenatley. After a good swim I feel physically strong and happy, unlike happy but seriously drained and aching from running.

Since I am prone to injury I wanted to get my technique checked out to make sure that I wasn’t damaging myself. I left numerous messages at my local swimming pool over a period of about 4 months, another pool had a massive waiting list and another one booked a lesson, cancelled it and then never rearranged. I always find it amazing when I am happy to pay for something that people are so reluctant to take my money. I eventually contacted the Basildon Swimming club and arranged a session at a pool 40 minutes away.

It turns out that my technique for freestyle (front crawl) is actually really good. There are a few tweaks I can make, but nothing major. This is excellent news and has really given me the confidence to join a club where I can swim with others and be stretched – gently – in a way that I couldn’t on my own. It also means that I no longer need to worry about hurting myself.

My back stroke on the other hand, well I don’t do it very often and it is just as well as my technique was well off and I was likely to damage my shoulder very quickly if I do it for any length of time.

So for a small investment of money I have reassured myself that I am doing things right in one area and been given ways to make it even better, and protected myself in another area. Getting expert advice is something which is always worth investing in. I do most of my website maintenance myself, but every so often I get a professional to make a few tweaks which I don’t have the knowledge to do and to check over that the security and back up is all that is should be.

My next step for my business is to get an account to do my tax return for me, I have done it myself the last couple of years but I am at the point where I want to invest in professional advice to make sure everything is ok and to see if I can make any improvements.

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