Getting dressed up for our creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Big Magic,* talks about having an affair with your creativity and your projects. She points out that there is always time for an affair, we steal bits of time to make it happen. And we never show up in our scruffs, but put on some lipstick and make a bit of an effort.

I loved the principle of this idea and now, when I sit down to do my morning creative work I am dressed and wearing my wedding rings and a necklace (which is pretty much about as much jewellery as I put on). I’m not sitting here in my little black dress, but I’m not sat here with sleep in my eyes and wearing my pyjamas.

As I’m self employed I don’t always leave the house to do my work. Although I will admit to wearing hoodies at home, when I wouldn’t for client meetings, I would rarely wear my wedding rings if I only wore them when I was going out.

I believe that this is showing respect to my creative work, it shows that I care for it. That I prioritise it. Sometimes I even put on lipstick and a head wrap for it, especially if I am working on something a bit tricky, or I really don’t want to do, like working on the second draft of my novel. Sounds daft I’m sure and I’m not sure what the postman thinks at my bright lipstick at 8am, but it works for me.

I guess our muse needs wooing as much as any other person, putting on a bit of lipstick and making an effort shows it that we care!

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