Free studio space in grays

I saw this in a weekly cultural Essex email. I have no knowledge about it, but I thought it was worth sharing Jen


Free studio space – Grays, Thurrock

Message from artist Fiona Dent:

FREE art studio space for artists and FREE office and storage space for not-for-profit groups:

An office block in Grays, Essex has become available for community use. If you are interested please liaise with the agent asap. There really is no catch except for the fact that if the landlord finds a paying tenant in the future then the lease will not be renewed (the recession can help us a little in the meantime).

Individual artists can apply for space and so can community groups. I share an office block elsewhere with amateur dramatics and opera groups, their enormous wardrobe department, a charity and an art market. There are 5 other artists too and we all have plenty of space each in our own lockable rooms.

I have not seen the building in Grays myself, but please contact the agent Surita Paul to view the space on 01908 660 552. They are obviously seeking tenants who will not damage the property and will generally respect the place and fellow tenants.

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