My enjoyment of sketchbook skool continues. I think pen drawings with watercolour really suits me. I have tried all sorts of crafting – for example quilt making and clothes sewing and it requires a level of precision which just is not my forte.

I tend to lose patience, mainly because I can’t make the edges all match up as exactly as they are supposed to. However, using watercolours in this sketchbook style is not about precison at all, it is about creating an impression of what you see, rather than exactly what you see.

For a beginner this is really encouraging.

I also feel that being given permission to fail is really exciting – it has allowed me to be much braver than I have been in the past, I have even gone and drawn in a public place, which felt very daring.

Don’t get my wrong, I in no way feel like I am a fantastic artist, but that is not the point, I am having so much fun splashing paint around and trying to get an impression of what I am seeing on the paper. I love colouring in with the watercolour, not worrying too much about the lines.

This has been really freeing for me, I feel like I have been cleared of a lot of limitations by doing this. I’m already keen to sign up to the next semester!

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