Feeling like a writer

This year I wanted to feel like a writer. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and I wondered what stopped me.

I’m me, so I can’t stick with something so nebulous!

In order to make it a real goal I broke it down as follows:

Finish short story 1
Finish short story 2
Publish my Guide for Freelancers
Write a first draft of a novel
Read at least 53 new books
Write most days
Claim being a writer

Well, I did it! I have met all of them!

My short stories are for my pleasure and I don’t think they will go anywhere, but I do like having written them, they are both children’s stories. In addition I wrote a children’s book for EDS UK, which didn’t get chosen, so I might well publish that myself at some point.

My Guide for Freelancers is published and available to buy right now! I’m so proud of it, but I learnt a lot about the impact of fear in the creativity process. Next time I hope that it will all run a lot quicker now that I have experienced that little fear monkey in my brain and learnt to deal with it.

My first draft of a novel was done during Camp NaNoWriMo and wow that was one hell of a ride. It’s when I started drinking coffee after a 12 year hiatus. During my extended break over Christmas I will re-read it and decide if I want to work on it any further, or if it needs to stay hidden away for all eternity. I haven’t even looked at it since I finished it at the end of July.

So far I have read 67 new books this year – and that total doesn’t include where I am re-reading books, which I absolutely love to do. I suspect I have read some of my Terry Pratchett books at least 20 times by now. I can’t afford to buy all of the books I read (although I do buy quite a lot for my Kindle), so I am a heavy user of the library; I love the amazing service it provides, and the friendly and helpful librarians.

I have made a conscious effort to extend out my reading sphere and have been taking notes every time that I see someone recommend a book online. I also jot down some of the bibliography of non-fiction books that I read. I’ve enjoyed reading books I wouldn’t normally do, I have been stuck in a rut for quite a while now.

I am now most definitely the person who frequently recommends books to people.

If you want book recommendations these form quite a big part of my monthly-ish newsletter.

I write practically every day now, it is part of my morning routine. It really is the case of the more you write the more you can write. Quantity does bring out quality in the end. I have more ideas when I am writing lots, and they dry up when I stop writing. That’s an important lesson to take into next year.

And as for claiming being a writer. Oh yes, I do this now. It is the first in my list of services, and is a vital part of being a Creative Freelancer. I love saying I’m a writer and I do actually feel like one.

Danielle La Porte talks about her Core Desired Feelings – and I only found out about them after I had decided on feeling like a writer at the end of last year. She talks about it in very fanciful terms, but I really like Desire Map book.

I’m already thinking about what my core desired feelings are for next year. Why don’t you join me and have a think. It’s a more soulful way of planning for the year.

If you want coaching in the new year to help you figure out what it is that you really want, and how you are going to get there, then take a look at my coaching sessions.

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  1. This is an interesting story Jen! I hope that your story is going well. Are you thinking of having it published? Are you a writer by profession? Good luck in your book!

  2. Thanks Silvia.

    I am a writer by profession – a lot of my client work involves a great deal of writing, but it is all factual based. This is my first serious foray into fiction. I am going to look at it over the hols, but I haven’t decided if I will carry on working with it or not!

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