Fear is a block

I like to think of myself as pretty fearless, but really that isn’t true. Fear is stopping me from completing a couple of major projects right now.

I have almost finished my Freelancer’s Toolkit book, it just needs a bit of editing. But I am struggling to get on and do it. But why? I would love to have completed my book and cross it off my list of ongoing projects so that I can start on with a new one. I know why I am not just pushing on and getting it done. Fear.

You see I will need to turn it into a Kindle eBook, and I don’t know how to do it. Now, I am queen of finding things out and I already have a book on how to do this and I am sure there are umpteen guides to how to do this on the internet. Yet, because I don’t know, right now, that is stopping me from completeing. I am in two minds as if I should just read that book on how to do it, or finish my book first so it is done.

Rather than stopping the work I will use my 20 minute timer rule to get on and do it a little bit at a time and I will continue on finding out how to create the eBook in the same way.

I also want to install software on my website that will allow me to run courses, because of the new EU VAT laws it is a little more complicated than it used to be, but I have found a platform that will handle the VAT charges for me, so I need to install that. I will probably get my web developer to do that for me, because this falls under my rules of if it takes more than two hours outsource it to the experts. But I am scared that I will not know how my website works, I will lose control of it a little bit. I don’t like that – I like knowing exactly how things work. Again, I am queen of learning new things so I am sure it will not take too long and yet the fear stops me. It actually stops me from developing the courses that I want to run and offering new services.

Silly really. But fear really is a block to what you want to do and achieve. Well, it certainly is for me.

So what am I going to do about it? Well – write the fear out, both here and in my soulbook. I will put in a plan of action, but not allow my amazing planning abilities go into overdrive and let this turn into a really creative form of procrastination… And I will use my timer and quite frankly just get on with it. I am hoping that being open about my fear will allow me to get on and conquor it!

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  1. All good plans, but sometimes a thing, a behavior, a deadline or something comes in its time. It takes me a long time to get to some things. I have to think about it, maybe research, try to plan and then it all comes together and I can do whatever it is that held me stuck. It pretty much sucks, to have this load of undone and unfulfilled stuff, but for now it is what it is.

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