Fantastic customer service goes a long way

Last weekend my puppy managed to get hold of my glasses and utterly destroy them. The whole of one side was crunched up and the other was severely bent.

destroyed glasses!

I am really short sighted and I didn’t have a spare pair of glasses, so I called Vision Express to see if they had an appointment they could fit me in. They did and I wore my contact lenses until I got there.

Luckily glasses are not made of glass any more and it doesn’t look like the dog ate too much of the actual lenses

They helped me choose two new pairs of frames and, after my eye test, we talked about lenses. I have mine thinned down quite a lot and I like the reactive ones which adapt to the sunlight. The lady said it would take a week to get them in, I explained that I need glasses to function, I can’t wear contact lenses to do computer work and was there anything they could do?

She said she could put in some temporary lenses in an hour and then when my new ones came in they could just replace them with those. They gave me the temporary lenses free of charge.

How wonderful – what a great understanding of their customers’ needs and adapting to suit those.

They could have charged me for them, and quite frankly I would have had to have paid, but they didn’t.. See as though I had just spent £500 with them not charging was the right thing to do. Have I told everyone the story of how my puppy destroyed my glasses and they helped me out? Of course I have in person and on social media, and hopefully, that will result in some new business for them somewhere along the line.

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