Failing fitness

In January this year I was starting my marathon training plan, having already done a half marathon, I was a little nervous at the thought of the distance, but felt that as long as I could complete it I would be happy. I didn’t get off to the best of starts as I fell badly in January and had to go to the walk in clinic to get them to clean out all of the grit of the deep cuts on both knees.

Once they were ok my neck started to play up, and after MRI and other tests it turned out that I had damaged the vertebrae. I decided to stop the marathon and put all plans for triathlon on hold for this year.

In the summer I hurt my knee and it has gotten steadily worse, to the extent that some days I have to use a walking stick to get around. This is why I haven’t been writing much about fitness, because I no longer have any. It is rather upsetting how far my fitness levels have fallen in such a short time. the physio the other day said she could see the muscle wastage in the bad leg when I am stood up. i can’t even cycle because the pressure on my knee hurts too much. Over the xmas holidays I am having an MRI on my knee and I will hear what the damage is and what can be done about it.

I have decided to get back to my swimming and swim most days as I can’t do any other exercise, hopefully that will get my fitness levels back to where they were, which will make me feel better too!

The biggest problem for me is I want to know now what I can and can’t do. I want to be told if I will be able to get back to running or not. If I can’t I will have to accept it and sell of my very expensive Garmin GPS watch, and what about cycling? Will I be able to do that? Do I need to sell my racing bike, cleats and shoes? Not to mention all of my lovely cycling tops!

I am not known for my patience, or my ability to cope with uncertainty, so this is a fantastic life lesson for me! In the meantime I will swim most days, now that the physio has wholeheartedly endorsed this, walk Buster off road on soft ground only and work on core and upper body strength through yoga and pilates at home.

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