Enterprise Nation Start up evening

Last week I attended Enterprise Nation’s  Start Up Workshop at my local Ikea.

There was a nice mix of people who are about to start up and those who are already running. It was a great event, with lots of ideas and inspiration to keep my brain buzzing for a few days. I have lots of thoughts now as to how I can continue to grow and expand my business, I just need to find the time to plan them all out in order to help make them happen.

Emma Jones, who is the owner of Enterprise Nation and the person who ran the session is fantastic, with lot of energy and enthusiasm, as well as stories of those who EN has helped along the way. In order for us to continue to start up and thrive she has written this fabulous book –

It does have a lot of information in it which will take time to digest and put into practice. And as a new member of Enterprise Nation, I get access to all manner of ebooks, discounts and special offers.

As it was held in the Ikea store we got told all about the Ikea business service, as well as given a £20 Ikea gift voucher and a goody bag containing, among other things biscuits, mug and posh filter coffee (which I gave to a friend, as I don’t drink caffeine).

Ikea mug and biscuits

I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who is interested in starting up their own business, who is in their first year, or if you are looking to grow. The event was fantastic value for money and an awful lot of information packed into a few hours.

One of the best bits for me, is that I met another woman who lives in Grays and who is starting up her own business. We swapped contact details and have arranged to meet up for coffee. I also found out that Ikea holds regular business sessions – again this is great. I really feel that there is very little happening in Thurrock and it needs all of the support it can get. Us entrepreneurs need to stick together, especially in such a difficult area!

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