E to C at English GCSE

I was delighted to get a phone call this week, telling me that a boy that I did one to one tutoring with for 12 weeks moved from an E grade to a C grade in his English Language GCSE exam.

This is wonderful news: English Language GCSE at a C grade or above is a must have for many jobs now. If you go into college with a less than C grade they will probably make you re-take it. First year at college is hard enough without having to deal with a GCSE resit. They may not let you even take the courses that you really want to do until you have got that C grade.

So, even more reason to put the work in the first time around. The key to a good GCSE English exam? Practice! You probably know what the weak points are, so practice them.

My student wasn’t even using full stops and capital letters properly when we first started working together, and homophones (there, their, they’re etc) caused him real issues too. We started at the basics and practiced them time and time again, once we got those right we moved on to creating complex and compound sentences, moving him away from using simple sentences (except for effect!).

Our hard work together really paid off. He now has his C and he can concentrate on his English Language and the rest of his exams, knowing that his writing is good.


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