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I have been really lucky to be taking part in Lisa Sonora‘s Dreaming on Paper course. Since I did Sketchbook Skool last year I have been really enjoying getting much more creative – I have joined a band , teaching myself the ukulele and am really getting into drawing and music again, as well as creative writing.

a road works sign but with sillohet of someone meditation, captioon read Caution Soul Works in Progress
Soul works in progress!

The Dreaming on Paper course has been something else again! It has given me permission to create a sketchbook, which I have started to dearly love, in fact I have christened it my Soulbook, rather than sketchbook. The techniques that Lisa has shown us has been greatly freeing, it has shown me how to create backgrounds on paper, so you are not faced with a blank page, using no ‘proper’ painting tools, but a gift card and wet wipes. She has taught me about visual journaling, which is something I have been quite resistant to in the past.

Now I love it. I am also finding this to be true:

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have – Maya Angelou

I am having ideas for painting, ideas for writing stories, ideas for blog posts, ideas for courses to run.

And then I am getting on and doing them! It helps that at the time of writing this (actually last week) I am on holiday so I have time to develop, but ideas are coming to me during meditation, as I am walking the dog, as I am swimming. I am surrounded by ideas. I actually carry a small notebook wiht me to capture the ideas and then expand them in my soul book. It goes out with me, sits next to me during meditation and comes to bed with me too, but not in the swimming pool, that would be silly.

I use my Soulbook to take notes when I am reading a book that excites me, notes on research for my children’s story, changes I want to make to my website, thoughts about my health, ideas for blog posts. Everything. At one point Lisa calls it the GPS of the soul and it really is.

Just looking at my Soulbook makes me smile and I often sit and flick through it. It is actually simplifying the number of notebooks I have on the go, which is a bit of a relief.

Splashing paint around, cheap craft paint, with cheerful abandon with no hold up on the outcome – what it looks like – is deeply freeing. It is not a precious artifact to have things carefully thought about, but all goes in.

My Soulbook is a thing of joy and I feel like I am getting to know myself better as a result of it, it is certainly making me a lot happier. I am hoping to become one of Lisa’s facilitators by the end of the year so that I can run her workshops here in the UK.

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