Discover and Explore!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Head Office of the Arts Award doing my Discover and Explore training, along with two primary teachers, a visual artist and two artists from a gallery in Southend. I really do like the mix of people who attend these programmes.

This is aimed at a much young age group – children can work on it from 7-25 years old, whereas the Bronze, Silver and Gold cannot be started until they are 11.

I really enjoyed the exercises as part of the programme, it really shows how different people have different ways of working. We were discussing how we would present back the work we had done on a project. I would always prefer to speak or write, where as the other two people I was working with would prefer to draw the process, or use photos to show that. Of course, I love writing (I have two other blogs, besides this one and it is part of my work) whereas they are both visual arts people. It was a really useful exercise to remind us that not everyone works in the same way and all of these approaches are valid, especially when it comes to the Arts Award.

I am really looking forward to working with the Primary schools in Thurrock to deliver the Discover and Explore Award with my THEATRE IS… hat on!

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