Digital portfolios in eduation

Recently I was invited to The Holy Family School in Walthamstowe to present on blogs and how to use them to create a digital portfolio.

When I was teaching BTEC Performing Arts the Portfolios were a pain to take home and mark -for the business module in particular these were huge. I always preferred to mark at home and because I cycled or walked most days it was a problem and meant I would often drive and have to juggle these gargantuan folders across the car park and then to my home, where they took up a huge amount of space.

The other problem of course with paper portfolios is they can easily get lost, losing hours of work and causing a lot of stress and heartache.

When I was talking to a teacher friend about my blog on here and the other blogs I have had in the past she thought she would try using them to have a digital portfolio for her students’ BTEC work.

Between us we thought of how using WordPress would best work for her students and for her as their teacher. I then planned and delivered a lesson on it.

The students thought it was a great idea and everyone picked up how to do it straight away. Being able to have a ‘private’ option to the blog made them confident about sharing their work. Of course it makes the portfolio multimedia straight away, they can use a range of media to explain and share their work, most of which they can record on their phones.

I hope it works out for the students and I will be talking to my teacher friend to find out how she and her pupils get on with working in this way.

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