Dabbling in hobbies

I’ve always had lots of things on the go and I am always attracted to learning something new. I’ve finally realised that it is ok for me to try things out and see if I like them, and I love doing ‘taster’ sessions of new skills and crafts. I may take them up for a little while and let them go after a period.

Many crafts that I have done fall into that category and I’ve enjoyed making the ‘thing’ and then moving onto the next thing. My house is full of quilts i have made, one of them filled with embroidery. At one point I had a lot of knitted dishcloths. I have lots of sketchbooks from when I fell into sketching and painting. I hope at some point to go back to that, probably when I have more space to do the bigger paintings I dream about.

It is fine to have hobbies, things we dabble in and more importantly that they are not about making money. They may only be with us for a season, or something we do at the weekends, or something we return to every few years for an obsessed period of time.

I am currently working on an embroidery kit, which has the pattern all printed out, and all the threads and needles in the pack, only scissors were needed. This is perfect to do when I am having a sofa day watching undemanding tv!

The trick is to make sure that the remains of old hobbies are let go of, or at least packed away. It’s quite helpful to put things in boxes or bags to contain all of the bits. Really Useful Boxes are indeed extremely helpful in this sense. When I am sure I am not going to go back to a hobby I find someone to pass all the bits onto. This is especially important in a small house like mine!

It has taken a lot of effort to accept this idea, that I can enjoy tasting new hobbies and not taking them into my life at a deep level, in contrast to my deep and abiding loves of reading and music.

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