Culture is not about making money

I had to share this with you all, even though it is not a regular posting day and I already have my posts lined up for this week.
This is a fabulous article in the Guardian entitled The arts are more than a way to make money, Maria Miller

I urge you to read it, as the author Catherine Bennett cuts through all of the nonsense surrounding the focus on arts being making money, that is surrounding the announcement of Hull being the next City of Culture.

I do not deny that the arts are a significant part of our economy, in fact the basis of my MA thesis was that Gove’s approach to education and the arts is hampering our economic future as the creative industries are our fastest growing industry. However the arts is much more important that that – see tomorrow’s blog post about schools in Thurrock.

One quote, and then I really do urge you to go and read the full post

how about a concluding concert by the Ulster Orchestra? Unless an orchestra is unlikely to tempt a minister now witnessing the collapse of state-funded music education under her colleague, Michael Gove

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