Creative rhythms

I have written a lot about my quite strict morning routines.

Recently I have come across a couple of articles and books about creative rhythms and how they are different for each person, and can even change within a year.

Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic talks about how she works in seasons, depending on where she is in the writing process – research, writing, editing and promoting. She has things that she does each day regardless of what season she is in, but at what point in the day and for how long she does it varies.

Alexandra Franzen talks about how you need to identify how you best work in order to do your best work.

In the past I have worked by having very strict routines, with clear goals and targets. Now, I have let those go. It’s quite stressful for me to do this, my routines had always served me well. But I have begun to realise that actually I like being much freer than this.

I love working late on a project when I am really fired up about it.

I love getting up early to work on my writing.

Those two things don’t work well together. So I am beginning to learn to flex and bend. Allow my creative rhythms to dictate how I want to work, rather than the clock.

I also felt guilty that I like to have a few personal writing projects on the go at once. Feeling like I should focus on one thing. But I like to chop and change and move about.

That’s why I love freelancing, I have multiple clients and projects on the go at once. If something’s not working on one client, I can move onto another project, or go and have a break – walking, swimming, playing my flute or reading.

More often than not the break or the change provides the answer I had been looking for.

Then I can fall back into my creative rhythm, that place where I do my best work, without suffering.


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