Creative procrastination

It’s really easy when working on creative projects to get caught up in associated aspects of the work we do. For example, I am taking my Tools of the Trade blog series and turning it into an eBook. I know exactly what I need to do, I have broken it down in Evernote into the smallest possible tasks. Each step will just take 25 minutes to do.

And yet! I found myself trying to find a pretty, visual way to track this work. Hours on Pinterest, Googling etc. I wanted to turn my wall board into a huge tracking of this project.

I caught myself doing this and now I have a print out of the Evernote list on my wall and I will just colour it in as and when I do the work. So now I can stop creatively procrastinating and get on and do the work! Part of my motivation for posting this is to hold myself accountable – I have told you I am writing an eBook now and I expect to deliver it early in the new year!

Oh and Pinterest – a wonderful way to creatively procrastinate. I did spend hours looking at all of the beautiful illustrations on there, when I could be watching the next episode of Sketchbook Skool, or even, making some of my own art work!

Pinterest is of course is a wonderful place full of inspiration, but there are times when it can easily turn into creative procrastination. And so I have taken my own advice and started using Freedom again and also turning my laptop off and putting it away when I want to get on and do my creative work. I use my iPhone and a tiny speaker if I want to listen to music, rather than my laptop!

What abut you? have you found creative ways of procrastinating from your creative work?

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