Creative Practice

My creative practice is writing, photography and music. I believe that all feed each other, one practice bounces off of the next and it all develops into something bigger than the individual form.

I blog about creativity, in terms of creative blocks, developing a practice and sharing my own work.


Writing takes many forms – ebooks, articles, blogging here, short stories, flash fiction, poetry and my novel. I’ve been blogging on various platforms for about six years, although this blog has only been around for about three.

I’ve written an ebook about being a freelancer, really practical, how to guides for the average person who is starting out. From dealing with receipts through to really useful software and other tools. You can buy it in my shop here. 

You can read about my creative writing here

If you would like to commission me for writing as a ghost writer, ebooks or marketing collateral, you can find out more here, or just email me – jen AT jenfarrant DOT com.



My photography practice, which I do most days, is an act of mindfulness and gratitude. I look for the beautiful, unusual and notable in my daily life. Most days I’m at home and I go out for walks with my dog in the local area. I am not in fantastic photographic locations, just a rather run down bit of Essex. I have a project called Beautiful Thurrock focusing on this area.

Looking for things to photograph means I am deeply engaged with the world every day. I’m actively looking for beauty, contrast or something different. These are often changes in nature, but also human interaction with the world – graffiti, unusual things dropped, abandoned or just odd juxtapositions.

You can read about my photography practice here. I share a lot on Instagram.


I play the flute in a concert band, have taught myself the ukulele and I’m just starting out on the piano so that I can work on composing my own pieces, not least because I have music echoing around my brain all the time! I spend a lot of my money on music, either in terms of lessons, buying music and concerts. I blog about music here.


I have a strong daily creative practice, including all of the above, as well as journaling, which is vital to my wellbeing. In my experience people need permission to make time for creative practice, to consider themselves creative or even to encourage it in others. I offer coaching for individuals who would like to develop their own practice and have someone hold them to account. For organisations, including schools, I run creativity workshops – in developing confidence and having fun with creativity.

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