Creative Cross Training

I’m still drawing and painting and starting to (rather bravely I feel) share them over on Instagram too.

It’s all just for fun, I don’t think it is going to form part of my income at any point, neither are my really tiny poems – often just four, three or even two lines long – I’m also sharing these on Instagram.

wild abandonment and fun in the woodssense and caution tempers reckless brainsprotection found in the undergrowth.lustful thoughts tamed

So why do them? Well, first of all it’s really important that everyone does things for themselves outside of work, and for me this is creative activities. I love that they aren’t digital, which means that they are a rest activity too. A change from sitting still at my desk. I often work on my tiny poems from my bed and paint and draw in a different space from where I work and write. Oh and splashing paint around is incredibly freeing!

It uses a different part of my brain and allows me to think differently.

My tiny poems, especially when I combine them with my photography, means I am looking all the time for the little things that make me smile, or are unusual. As they are so tiny every single word has to count, so I am refining my writing skills each time.

gift from its creator.Beautiful and preciousin its fragilityI love sitting with my notebook and rearranging the words, testing different ones and seeing if I can really convey what it is I saw or thought about.

I guess there is a question around why share them at all?

Well, it is great to be involved in the communities on Instagram. I get inspiration and encouragement from the hashtags I regularly use. Sharing regularly means I have to make time in my diary for my own creative work, in addition to the work I do for clients.

I know my own creative practice makes my client work stronger too, It’s cross training. If you are training for a marathon all of your workouts cannot just be running, you will get injured. You need to include strength work, maybe swimming or yoga too so you are using different muscles and working your body differently. You also need to include rest periods.

My client work is primarily consultancy, writing and leading workshops, so writing tiny poems and painting works different muscles and creative thoughts. A good thing I think!

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  1. Jen, I am glad that you love to do things that you enjoy. I am so happy that you have a great passion for writing poems and painting. If you like it, why not do it?

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